Masterclass in Environmentally Sustainable Design

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2019)

We strive for environmentally sustainable design.  We are excited to announce that our design for the refurbishment of the Brisbane Markets Fresh Centre (pictured above) has won an award.  The Queensland Master Builder’s (QMBA) Brisbane Regional Award for Excellence in Sustainable Building.  The end result is a first class, light filled conversion of a banana sorting factory into offices, retail spaces and hi-tech food training areas.

Environmental Responsibility

As Interior Designers we are always looking for ways to reduce the impact of our designs on the environment.  This is done through process, research and implementation of innovative or tried and true practices.

We recognise that applying Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles to our designs results in superior working environments.  These spaces often reduce business operation costs and improve the quality of life for their occupants.  This in turn translates to an increased return on investment for the fit-out cost to our client’s.

Like the Brisbane Markets Fresh Centre, many of our projects involve existing buildings.  Our challenge is to maximise the quality of the internal environment. We utilise passive design strategies to achieve this and target the following key areas:

Passive Design Strategies

  • Maximise the orientation of workspaces to natural daylight
  • Consider solar gain and the potential for natural ventilation
  • Ensure an efficient layout that positions facilities such that they are readily accessible
  • Provide access to views for staff and relaxation areas where possible
  • Design for flexibility and adaptability of spaces
  • Re-use, re-finish or re-configure where possible in the construction process
  • Promote the recycling of waste materials where possible

Environmentally Friendly Material Selection

Humankind is depleting many of the natural resources our planet offers. The construction industry is a major culprit in this regard, however manufacturers are stepping up to the plate to make their products more environmentally friendly. Recycled ingredients and eliminating harmful toxins are two ways they are doing this.  When selecting materials and finishes we try to:

  • Utilise local materials to minimise transportation
  • Utilise materials that improve the acoustic performance of spaces
  • Consider long term maintenance and durability of all finishes selected
  • Assess the selection of flooring finishes relative to lighting design
  • Specify low VOC and formaldehyde emission products internally
  • Promote recycled materials where possible
  • Source products from environmentally sustainable supplies

Design for Energy and Water Efficiency

Environmentally Sustainable Design  Light bulb

Attractive & Energy Efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamp by Hulger

Incorporating energy and water efficient fixtures helps reduce your carbon footprint.  It also reduces your running expenses every month. It’s a win-win as far as we’re concerned!

Constant innovations are being made to create energy efficient lighting. Always with with professionals to design the lighting of your space.  This will ensure an efficient lighting scheme that meets current code requirements.

Design for Community

Sustainability includes supporting the communities you live in or that are close to you.  In most cases you will not be able to source everything your project requires locally.  You may be surprised, however, at the skill located just outside your door.  Utilising products from local artists and manufacturers is one way to give back your community and show appreciation for their talents.  Locally sourced product also does not have to travel which cuts down on both greenhouse gas emissions and delivery costs.

Sustainability has come a long way in the past 10 years and has a long way to go.  We need to educate our clients, families and friends about sustainable options.  We hope that before too long, it will become standard industry practice.

Would you like your space to benefit your bottom line and the world around us?  Call us, we're passionate about environmentally sustainable design that enhances our planet.

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