Strengthen Your Brand With Inspiring Interior Design

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2019)

We like to say that your space should tell your story.  A unique and thoughtful interior can enforce and strengthen your brand by telling your customers who you are as a business.

There is a lot of buzz out there about branding, but what is a strong brand? And how does interior design tie into branding? Firstly, let’s take a look at one of the most successful brands of this era - Apple.

Great Branding

Your brand is what makes your business unique.  It gives you a point of difference and helps you to stand out against the competition.  There are many companies that sell computers, but none can compare to Apple when it comes to an effective brand strategy. Apple’s sleek design, simple materials, attractive packaging and minimal website contribute to a popular brand that is known by all (unless you have been living under a rock over the last decade).

These elements also feature in another of their branding tools … you guessed it, their retail stores.  Steve Jobs was meticulous in designing Apple’s devices, so it makes sense that tremendous thought went into designing the stores in which the devices are sold.  Apple stores deliver a customer experience unrivalled by their competitors.

Branding & Interior Design

Strengthen Your Brand Identity - Applestore

State of the Art Apple Store, New York City

Apple stores are the perfect state of the art canvas to display the company’s shiny gadgets. They use the same brushed aluminium and pure white finishes (with some timber for warmth), the same simple, clean lines that their products are famous for. I’m not sure about you, but if I was placed blindfolded in an Apple store, I’m pretty sure I’d know where I was when the blindfold was removed.

The Brisbane City Apple store is unique as it takes over the historic MacArthur Chambers building which was used as a headquarters for the Allied Forces during World War II. The design enhances the traditional elements of the building.

Strengthen Your Brand Identity - Brisbane City Apple Store

Brisbane City Apple Store

Although these two apple stores are on opposite sides of the globe and located in very different buildings they equally reflect the key qualities of the brand - clean lines, beautifully detailed design and a simple palette of finishes.  Both the New York and Brisbane City stores capture the essence of the Apple brand and so much so that they are instantly recognisable.

Strengthen Your Brand with Interior Design

Whether your business involves a service or product, branding your company well is vital for success. You want to hit your target market where it counts and make a lasting impression so that you are the obvious choice to them.  Just as you are an expert in what your business does, there are experts who can guide you through the branding process.

Environmental Branding

We know commercial interior design.  We know it well and love the challenge of tackling a new project, learning about the brand and functional requirements and translating these into unique and thoughtful designs that tell your customers who you are and what makes you unique - strengthening your brand.

Your workspace conveys an image to your clients and customers and especially your employees.  If you want to engage people and create an emotional connection, you have to make sure your workspace is conveying your unique story - that your workspace will strengthen your brand.  We understand the value of culture and the impact that engaging employees and building pride can have on both morale and the bottom line.

Our team work collaboratively with clients to identify the key stories that make an organisation stand out – its culture, it's history, and the vision and values that are unique to its DNA.  Then we thoughtfully design these messages into the physical environment. We reinforce and strengthen your brand by incorporating your values into the physical space.

What does your space say about you and your organisation? Are you the author or have you left the message to chance?  By enhancing your workspace with environmental branding, you can tell your story.  It will also instil pride, stimulate engaged and innovative employees, and leverage your environment to play a stronger supporting role in achieving your business goals.

Can we help you strengthen your brand presence in your commercial interior?

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