Our Fave 4 Inspiring Colour Palettes

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2019)

Just like the design of your office, the colour palettes within your design should celebrate your corporate identity and reflect your business, brand and values.  A work space is more than just a space to work so don’t be afraid to be a little flamboyant.  It should inspire.  It should motivate.  Most importantly the colours within your office space should help tell your story!

Some of the biggest brands use the brightest colours.  Think of the yellow and red in Macdonalds or the IBM blue.  These colours are selected for a reason and have stood the test of time.

Colour can have quite an influence on our mood.  Orange evokes excitement, red boosts energy, blue helps you stay focused and creative, brown is often interpreted as soothing and comfortable and whites are simple and calming.  Let’s take a look at our fave 4 colour trends.

1.  Natural Colour Palette


The Nelson Bar by Techne, Melbourne

The natural palette is derived from our basic need to connect with the earth around us and with the beauty in nature.  A space designed around nature incorporates earthy colours and textural materials like timber, stone, leather and glass.  Timeless, we think this colour palette is here to stay.


Dulux Colour Trends Wildland Palette

2.  Calm Colour Palette

Cool-office-spaces-main-imageThe calm palette is based on creating an environment that allows you an escape from the constant fatigue and over stimulation of the digital world.  It allows our mind to pause and be soothed.  The space designed around a calm colour palette incorporates clean lines, simple curves and block colours. From olive greens to soft oranges, these pastels form the perfect back drop to mid-20th century design.


Dulux Colour Trends Silentshift Palette

3.  Playful Colour Palette

black and white2

Lázaro Rosa-Violán’s design for the Praktik Bakery

The playful palette allows us to to indulge our creativity without restrictions and rules.  A space designed around the playful palette is bold and creative.  It can incorporate graphic patterns inspired from folklore or branding and contrasting colours including black and white.   From fashion to furniture, jewel tones and contrasting patterns and textures are everywhere, keeping design fun and fresh.


Dulux Colour Trends Modhaus Palette

4.  Life Colour Palette

Small-Office-with-Natural-Concept-Ideas4The life palette allows us draw the living world into our environment and workspace.  With the use of graphics & plants this scheme is about celebrating life and the joy it brings.   This palette comes alive in spaces where nature blends seamlessly with cutting edge design.  There is a wealth of evidence to support the benefits of plants in the workplace.  Studies have shown that views of plants and nature can reduce stress and may benefit your health.  What better reason to inject a little life into your colour palette.


Dulux Colour Trends Earthwerks Palette

Does the colour palette used in your workspace tell your story?  Does it convey the message you want to your clients and enhance the mood of your staff?  Perhaps, you could use a little expertise in creating the perfect environment?  Call us, we’d love to help.

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