4 Key Checklists to Find the Right Office Space

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2019)

If your company is planning to move office, where do you start?  How do you evaluate the different spaces you view to find the right office space for you?  This short checklist will allow you to score each property so that you can compare the overall viability of each tenancy by its total score.

There are four checklists to complete covering the location, tenancy, costs and building common areas.  The scoring table below enables you to rate each criterion with a score based on its priority and ranking.

The priority will be different for each company and enables you to differentiate how important the criteria is to your business operation.

The rank enables each criterion to be rated on a scale between 1-5 from ideal to unappealing.  For example, if the priority is important and rank is above acceptable but below ideal the score for that criteria would be 70 as indicated in the scoring table below by the dashed arrows.

You simply score each criterion based on the scoring table and total them at the end for comparison.

Find the Right Office Space - The Location

Deciding your new office location is probably the single biggest decision to make and can have an enormous impact on attracting and retaining the best staff.   The table below has been completed as an example.

In the location example above, Tenancy 3 is a clear winner over Tenancy 1.  Complete the remaining category tables and add the totals to see if tenancy 3 is still on top.

Find the Right Office Space - The Tenancy

If you find the right office space it should accommodate your existing staff and anticipated growth, as well as provide your staff with a work environment that allows them to reach their full potential.

We can work with you and the landlord to assess the space with test fits as well as assessing the condition of the services.

Find the Right Office Space - The Cost

Setting an up-front budget for your office move is critical to meeting your bottom line.  Consider negotiating a rent-free period or a fit-out incentive with your new landlord when you find the right office space.  Adentro Design can work with your budget and build on your vision for your new work place.  We can provide cost estimates to ensure that your budget can be met.  We work with trusted contractors and ensure that your project is delivered with minimal variations with detailed drawings and specifications.

Find the Right Office Space - The Building

Your workplace should reflect your brand and be somewhere that you are proud to meet clients.  The building common areas should be in good condition and able to provide staff with a level of comfort and the facilities they need.

Adentro Design can assist you to find the right office space for your company.  We can provide the following services to ensure that your new space is beautifully designed, on time and on budget:

  • design concepts
  • budget estimates
  • co-ordinate sub-consultant advice and expertise
  • co-ordinate building owner approvals
  • deal with local authority requirements
  • document the fit-out
  • oversee the construction
  • manage payments and invoices
  • organise the purchase of furniture
  • manage the defects period, and so much more.

Our extensive knowledge gives you peace of mind and ensures that your move is as stress free as possible.  Let us assist you with your office move to ensure that you find the RIGHT office space the first time.

Please email us if you would like us to forward you a blank pdf of this document at kelly@adentro.com.au.