10 Pros & Cons of Matte Black Fittings

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2019)

If you’re renovating your home or office, you’ve probably noticed that matte black fittings are currently a very popular trend.  It’s easy to understand why.  They offer a sleek and stylish, bold designer aesthetic that can transform an entire space.  They look fantastic with natural materials such as marble, wood and concrete. They also provide a striking compliment to monochromatic schemes.

Like any design trend, there are always pros and cons. We’ve put together five advantages and disadvantages of matte black fittings (door hardware, tapware and sinks) for your consideration.

advantages of black fittings

1. Versatile

The simple aesthetic of black fittings compliment most design styles. They are used both commercially and residentially. They are also used in a variety of design styles including modern, industrial and even more traditional Hampton style spaces.

2. Bold Statement

Black fittings provide a graphic statement and a sophisticated, masculine look.  They creates instant impact and ‘wow’ factor in a space.

3. Complimentary

Black fittings look fantastic with timber and other natural materials like stone and marble.  They also compliment sleek modern finishes such as porcelain, glass and chrome.  Black really goes with just about anything.

4. Smudge Resistant

Compared to chrome, matte black fittings don’t show finger prints or water residue so there will be no smudges or watermarks to blemish your beautiful hardware, even up close.

5. Price

The cost of black fittings has plummeted over the last few years due to their popularity, so you can now get a matt black finish for around the same price as chrome.

Contemporary kitchen with black accents.

disadvantages of black fittings

1. Strong Statement

Black can be overpowering so use it in small quantities.  Accents of black can be extremely effective in bringing some drama without overwhelming the senses.

2. They Will Fade

Matte black fittings will fade over time no matter how they have been finished.  A word of warning - do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning. Warm soapy water will assist black fittings retain their colour over time.

3. Show Dust

Black highlights dust and dirt so you will need to clean it regularly to ensure it always looks its best.

4. Trendy

Like any trend, black fittings may date. It’s not known how long they will stand the test of time.  In my opinion however, black will date less than other finishes, like rose gold.

5. Highlights Damage

A matt black finish highlights even minor scratches that would not show up on traditional chrome.  Ensure tradesmen are very careful during the installation process.

For beautiful matt black door hardware in Australia, check out Zanda Architectural Hardware.  They have luxurious handles to suit any design style from traditional too contemporary to set your space apart from the rest. 

For beautiful matt black bathroom and kitchen tapware and accessories quality is paramount. Choose a reliable brand like Caroma which will give you peace of mind knowing that your fixtures and fittings are made to last.

If done correctly matt black fixtures and fittings make a stunning statement in your home or office. They can help you to Update Your Kitchen Design.  What suits your space and lifestyle - classic chrome or is the bold trend of black hardware for you?