8 Ways to Instantly Update Your Kitchen Design

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2019)

Do you need to update your kitchen design?  A kitchen is much more than somewhere to prepare and eat food.  It is often the heart and soul of the home or office.  With great design, a kitchen can become somewhere to relax, to gather and to foster conversation.  So let's take a look at our top 8 elements to update in your kitchen design.

1.  Texture

The addition of texture to a minimalist, white kitchen adds depth and interest.  Texture can give any kitchen a warmth regardless of its colour or style.

Incorporating a textured tile, a product with natural grain or opting for natural flooring can all add texture and really update your kitchen design.

Update Your Kitchen Design - Contemporary Kitchen

2.  Neutrals and Subdued Shades

Soothing, versatile neutrals and black make any kitchen feel current.  Consider updating your fixtures and fittings to black for a stunning, bold statement.

Update Your Kitchen Design - Neutrals

3.  Geometric Motifs

Geometric shapes can add an interesting dimension to your kitchen.  They can also be adapted to suit both contemporary and traditional spaces.  Look out for hexagonal-shaped wall and floor tiles or create interest by laying rectangular tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Update Your Kitchen Design - Geometry

4.  Precious Metals & Black

Warm metals such as brass or copper and black can add a sophisticated warmth to a space, after it It's All In the Details.

If you aren’t convinced about changing the colour of chrome tap ware, add shine with a feature copper pendant light, or a metallic coloured glass splash back.

Update Your Kitchen Design - Black

5.  Vintage Nostalgia

Kitchen designs that are a harmonious blend of cool, contemporary style and vintage flair have heart.  Ultra-sleek kitchens make a strong design statement but don’t offer a cosy, welcoming vibe like a vintage inspired space.

A retro-style chair or veneer can add charm and a nostalgic air to a contemporary cooking zone.  They also help soften the clean lines of stainless steel appliances often found in a kitchen.

Update Your Kitchen Design - Retro

6.  Porcelain Surfaces

With new technology and products such as porcelain, kitchen detailing has become more refined.   Bench tops can have a finer detail, allowing the grain or pattern of the products themselves to tell the story.

Consider updating your bench top to porcelain.  It shares many of the qualities of re-constituted stone but is more durable when it comes heat, flame, stain and scratch resistance.

Update Your Kitchen Design - Surfaces

7.  Engineered Materials

If you don't have the budget for luxe natural materials like marble or solid timber, don't be disheartened.  Engineered materials are better and more realistic than ever before and can (almost) rival the real thing.

When you pair their look with superior durability, ease of maintenance, size and cost effectiveness, it is little wonder that reproductions are popular with designers and clients alike.  Use an engineered material to update your kitchen design.

Update Your Kitchen Design - Engineered Materials

8.  Incorporate Nature

With the hectic pace of life, natural environments are a direct reflection of a society that wants to take a step back and slow down. The more high-tech we become, the more we want to surround ourselves with textures and objects that connect us with nature.

Timber is certainly the hero in this natural movement and the warmth of timber is a welcome compliment to any great kitchen design.

Consider other materials such as concrete, natural stone, bamboo, river rock, oxidised metals and natural fibres like rattan, linen and jute.  These materials can infuse a kitchen with nature, while adding extra visual and tactile interest to your scheme.

Update Your Kitchen Design - Nature

Take nature a step further by incorporating plants into your environment. Reduce Stress With Indoor Plants as they will boost the indoor air quality and the ambiance of the space.

Do you need to update your kitchen design  or refresh your break-out areas?  Do you need a team of experts to create beautifully detailed, cost effective joinery for your development?  Call us, we’d love to help.